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Hismith Premium 4 Fuck Machine 2.0


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The Hismith AK-06 Fuck Machine just received a massive upgrade and is now the brand-new Premium 4 Fuck Machine 2.0! It’s stronger, faster, more stable, easier to adjust, stiffer, more flexible and comes in its own brand-new carry bag for discreet transport and storage. What are you waiting for; If you enjoyed getting smashed by AK-06, it’s time to upgrade to Premium 4 Fuck Machine 2.0 for ultimate satisfaction! Comes with a light colored 8 inch hypoallergenic silicone dong. Here are the improvements in detail:

  • Smartphone mode
  • Solid steel legs for increased stability
  • Revised quick release leg clamps 400% stiffer than pro II
  • New high-speed motor (up to 280 rpm)
  • U-lock style blank barb quick connect adapter (Change toys effortlessly in seconds)
  • Reduced reciprocating mass for smoother operation
  • Breaks down into a high-quality nylon bag with special foam padding to protect your machine while you move discreetly
  • This sex machine is extremely powerful and flexible.
  • Adjustable push rod length, adjustable push depth 1-6 inches and adjustable front and rear legs to fit different positions.

This item can be controlled via Smartphone. The package includes:

  1. Main machine
  2. Heavy metal base
  3. Main vertical bar
  4. Standing bar
  5. Rod quick connection
  6. Power supply
  7. Wired controller
  8. One Dildo, 8 inches (15.25 cm)
  9. Plug converter adapter.
  10. The packaging comes in a plain brown box, with no sensitive words on the packaging.
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