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Ultimate Bed Restraint System

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Elevate your bedroom experience with the Ultimate Bed Restraint System from Pipedream. This user-friendly bondage set lets you indulge in fetish play using your existing bed. It comprises two nylon straps for the headboard and footboard, connecting to four tethers and cuffs. The straps boast six D-rings for versatile tether placement, eliminating the need for knots or hardware.

Compatible with any mattress size, it sets up swiftly, ideal for beds lacking posts or even couches. Adjustable nylon tethers with sturdy clips connect to D-rings, culminating in customizable cuffs. Secure and explore various positions effortlessly, unlocking a world of playful possibilities!


  • Adjustable Headboard and Footboard Straps
  • 12 D-Rings for Hundreds of Restraint Combinations
  • 4 Adjustable Tethers
  • Comfortable Wrist and Ankle Cuffs

Material: Nylon | Plastic | Metal | Neoprene