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Viagel For Ladies (30ml)

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Erotically stimulating gel for the female genitals. Enhances sensitivity and makes you experience penetration even more intensely. Apply some gel onto your fingers and rub the clitoris and play gently.
Women use Viagel to achieve optimum sexual pleasure. It feels wonderful and it is fun to have your partner apply it to your body. The moment the gel is applied to the body, the genitals become more sensitive and you get in the mood even more. Just surrender to a wonderfully titillating sensation!

Just apply it around the vagina on the clitoris area. No need to apply it inside the vagina all though you could for extra strong sensitivity enhancment.
Unique sensational Experience. 21 century’s erotic gel. The sexual gel that can help any woman experience the ultimate “multiple orgasm. “

Viagel for Women enhances sensuality and is a guarantee for the female orgasm. It makes the clitoris extra sensitive, which provokes intense feelings of lust. When stimulated, this will result in a very intensive orgasm. These intense feelings will last for half an hour or even longer. When used on a regular basis, Viagel for Women will give increasingly better results. Viagel for Women does not only give women an extra pleasant feeling, the fresh scent and taste also guarantee that oral sex becomes a more than welcome part of lovemaking. Enjoy Sex more intensely with Viagel for Women.

  • Ideal for women who have it difficult to experience orgasm and need some “help”. Let your man rub it around your clitoris and penetration will become a joy and half.
  • Ideal for women that need to experience the Max – Climax
  • Ideal for ladies who want to bring heaven between their legs.
  • Ideal for ladies who want to experience masturbation with sex toys. Rub this gel around your genital area and play with your toys.
  • Ideal gel for lesbians that use strap ons.

Perfect, perfect… I just Love it!

100% herbal stimulant erotic product by Cobeco