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Uleade F. Black Metal with 3 Penis Rings


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This purity device has a built-in lock with 2 keys. You can hand over control to your partner.
Safe Material: This chastity cage is made of high-quality metal that prevents rust and corrosion, ensuring smooth performance, solid metal cage for orgasm denial play.
Size Information: Male Chastity 3 Cuff Rings, based on the inside diameter of the cuff ring, which allows a satisfactory fit for most people, choose one of the best. Cage Length: 3.3″ Cage Inside Diameter: 1.4″ Three Rings: 2″
Privacy Protection Packaging: There are no sensitive words on the label and your privacy will be well protected.

In this device you will not be able to achieve a full erection, but you will be able to tease him, please and seduce him. Choose one of the three different sizes of rings that suits him best.
This denial of access means that the user must please the owner of the key in order to receive the pleasure they crave.

  • The product includes: 1 cage, 1 lock, 3 rings.
  • Diameter of Rings: 40mm – 45mm – 50mm
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