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ToyJoy Manpower Power Pump

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Erection Pump – Upgrade your tool with the  Erection Pump. This all-inclusive system includes a clear cylinder pump with a flanged base, soft detachable donut, easy-squeeze bulb, and flexible non-crimp hose. The cylinder pump is designed to slide comfortably on and create the seamless suction with every pump of the EZ squeeze bulb. Once peak suction is reached, use the quick air-release button to break the seal or decrease pressure. When used regularly, this passionate pump can increase girth, stamina and erotic sensation.

Diameter: 5.5 cm
Insertable length: 23 cm
Material: PVC Plastic
Rechargeable: No


 How do I use the penis pump correctly 

The general rule of thumb says that for at least the first 4-6 months, the penis should be exercised 4 to 5 times a week for 10 to 15 minutes each time…
Use plenty of water-based lubricant. Apply to the entire length of your penis as well as the opening of the pump tube. Push your penis into the tube all the way to the end of the tube so that the opening of the tube is one with your body. In this way, the penis will be closed inside the tube airtight.
Now start pumping air out of the tube, doing it slowly – slow and steady. Don’t do it quickly and especially the first few times, until you understand how it works. Excessive and rapid pumping of air from the tube can seriously damage your penis. Make sure the pressure is pleasant and the blood vessels do NOT look like they are ready to burst.
That is, in simple words, put pressure on your penis, inflate it but not to the point of exaggeration – inflate it to the point where you can tolerate it. By inflating the penis the blood is forced to move throughout the penis. This results in dilation of the blood vessels. The constant repetitions force the vessels to grow. As they grow, they also increase the amount of blood flow. This also increases the volume of the penis both in length and in diameter. Repeat the process every 2 days so that your penis rests, since it is a sensitive organ.
At the same time, an important element in using the pump is to use a PENIS RING when pumping. Wearing the penis ring helps prevent blood flowing back from your penis. Although it is not mandatory to use the ring, it will really make a significant difference when used with the penis pump.
Continue slowly pumping air until your penis is fully erect. Leave your penis fully erect inside the tube for about 10 minutes. Then remove the air from the tube (There is an air release valve) and repeat the process for 2 more times.
Make sure you feel comfortable and pleasant throughout the process.
– Duration
That’s up to you!!! Each person is different and thus it is impossible for everyone to have the desired result in the same period of time. This for some may be in 2 months and for others in 4 months. Just the same as when 2 people of the same age decide to go to the gym for bodybuilding. While they follow exactly the same exercise program and diet, one of the 2 has faster results. Why ? The reasons all come down to the same point called the genetic code or DNA.
But the most important thing in all this is to do it correctly and systematically for the desired results.

We strongly recommend the use of a special cream and special tablets for penis enlargement together with the pump. The combination of the 3 above products will be immediate and visible within a few weeks.