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Steel Metal Cage with 3 Rings


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ERGONOMIC DESIGN – This man’s cage is curved for maximum comfort and containment, the hollow design allows your penis to breathe freely even when restrained, with an opening at the front end that allows you to urinate normally.

SEXUAL ENJOYMENT – This chastity device has a built-in lock with 2 keys. You can hand over control to your partner. Lock and 2 keys included

SAFE MATERIAL – This chastity cage is made of high-quality metal that prevents rust and corrosion, ensures smooth performance, solid metal cock cages for orgasm denial play.

SIZE INFORMATION – Male Chastity with 3 ring cuffs, are based on the inside diameter of the clamp ring, which allows a satisfactory fit for most people, choose one that fits you best.

  • Cage length: 8.5 cm/3.35 inches
  • Cage inner diameter: 3.5 cm/1.38 inches
  • Three rings: 2 inches/1.75 inches/1.5 inches
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