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Spanish Fly Hot Passion 15ml

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Spanish Fly Hot Passion 15m to keep disinterested women and men in your arms by Cobeco

A soft buzzzzing sound keeps you awake tonight. This little fly knows only one way to get into your bedroom and also into your partners heart. Lean Cupid the helping hand and direct his arrows to your emotions about sex, lust and love. Spanish Fly for passionate hot nights.
Add few drops in her drink and let this liquid stimulator do the rest for you. Endless passion for endless erotic moments. It wakes up sexually disinterested persons
10 to 15  drops in any drink i.e alcohol ( wine, vodka, tekila, ets) or any type of beverages like Coffee, tea, etc and game on. Product is 100% herbal, therefore it can be mixed with alcohol. For both men and women to use.
Bottle 15ml

Manufacturer- Cobeco Pharma BV Rotterdam Holland