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Spanish Drops Extra 30ml

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Drops Extra Power 15ml to improve the sexual mood from Cobeco BV Holland

  • Completely odorless drops
  • They act within 30 minutes
  • It is an absolutely herbal preparation
  • It works equally well on both sexes
  • 15 drops is enough
  • In water, alcohol, coffee
  • Increases sexual arousal and desire

Spanish Drops Extra Supports sexual performance with L-arginine and vitamin C Features: – Vitamin C activates your natural energy in the body – Vitamin C contributes to physical condition Spanish Drops Extra is a unique product that stimulates sexual desire naturally and provides additional energy. Use Spanish Drops Extra for ultimate intimate moments.

Natural ingredients per 3 ml: Water, 40.5 mg L-Arginine **, 15 mg Vitamin C (L-Ascorbinezuur) (18.75%*), Conserveermiddelen: E211, E202.