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Sex On The Beach Travel Kit

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Pleasure kit to experience new exciting couple games. Are you and your partner planning a romantic getaway or a night on the beach but want to make the experience unforgettable, teasing your most hidden fantasies?

The Sex On The Beach Travel Kit by Secret Play is the pleasure kit for you! In the practical case, you will find everything you need to experiment with couple games and explore your sexuality by adding that pinch of spice and unpredictability.

The case contains: 3 single-dose sachets of flavored lubricant; a vibrating bullet, small but powerful, to stimulate your erogenous zones; a dice on which the positions of the Kama Sutra are depicted: fate will guide your desires and actions; a deck of cards (translated into 6 different languages) that you can use to launch bold challenges to your partner and thus make the moment more exciting, allowing you to discover what you really like.