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Secret Play The Secret Pyramid Game

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Welcome to the Secret Pyramid! Find your way into a unique and hot Egyptian pyramid where you will explore further into the magical and mysterious world of ancient Egypt.

This game includes:

1 Game board
1 Instructions & forfeits book with 69 challenges
6 pawns
6 dice
1 hourglass
Recommended to have around:

Handkerchiefs, ties or clothes for tying and blindfolding
Drink or another edible liquid
Desire to explore and experiment
From 2 to 6 players. Recommended only for couples, groups of very daring friends, swingers and liberals, due to explicit sexual content.

GAME RULES: Players will begin the game by placing pawns on the START box. The eldest player will start. They must roll the dice and advance as many boxes as stated. After reading the box’s number, they’ll have to look up the corresponding test in the “Instructions & Forfeits Book”. The booklet includes a combination of logical tests and spicy challenges that will increase in intensity as the game progresses. The player who doesn’t fulfil the proposed challenge will not take part in the next round. The hourglass must be used to measure 1 minute for the challenges that require so, and if 2 or more minutes are required it will be flipped as many times as necessary. Once the test has been performed and fulfilled, it’ll be the turn of the player to the left. The game will end when one of the players reaches the eye of Ra at the top of the Pyramid. They will become a divine and immortal pharaoh, venerated by the others, who will have to satisfy all of their fantasies.