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Realistixxx Bitch Masturbator

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Small realistic vagina – masturbator with intense lips and clit.
It has internal protrusions and grooves, it is open on both sides and is extremely versatile and soft to fit into each penis.

Natural white – In the color of the skin
Material: Super Soft (Natural Texture)
Textured- Stranded & Soft
Length: 13 cm
Diameter: 4.8 cm and the hole is completely flexible and extremely elastic
Material of manufacture – Odorless, softly processed jelly – free of odors and toxic substances. The product has all the necessary confirmatory CE certifications
How to use
Use MONO any good quality water lubricant.
Rinse out simply with water
Fleshlight maintenance powder
Use maintenance and renewal powder as well as protection for all male erotic and masturbation aids.
Please note that this powder protects all toys and not exclusively FleshLight products. Use it fearlessly and restore the natural style to all masturbation aids for men irrespective of brand
Make sure you have the mast clearing and that it is perfectly clean and well dry. When it has dried out, it has poured it with the protective sheep, which is made of cornflakes. Let it be absorbed and the next day you can reuse your favorite game.

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