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Realistic white Pen with vibration 15cm


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Realistic white dummy with 15cm vibration
A realistic white male penis dummy with testicles and a suction cup, ready to tear you apart. Vibration fully controlled by remote control for endless erotic poses. It has a suction cup for comfortable placement on all smooth surfaces as well as for use without the support of the hands.
Dummy features

  • Color- Realistic white
  • Vibration- Yes. It takes 2AA Batteries
  • Remote control – Wired / Volume change with rotation.
  • Height – 16 cm.
  • Inner diameter – 4 cm.
  • Suction cup – For comfortable installations. Use with hands free.
    Who is it for?
    For both men and women. A sex tool for everyone with perfect dimensions. Both as an aid to masturbation and as a game between couples regardless of gender and sexual orientation.
    Construction material – Super soft and flexible jelly material free of toxins. Soft thermoplastic, with a very smooth surface for comfortable penetrations. Combines perfectly with all water-based lubricants. Soft male model from medical polymer for super texture and comfortable contact.

This product is designed for personal use. Please, as before or after each use, rinse it with soap for your own safety and hygiene. When rinsing, please keep electrical appliances away from water to prevent damage that may occur.
Before each storage, please remove the batteries from the device. Prolonged stay of these can corrode the product’s electrical system as well as weaken their validity.
The use of lubricants based on silicone or oil is prohibited.
Please visit the product photos to get an even better presentation.