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PRETTY LOVE WILLIE KEGEL BALLS with wireless remote control

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Pretty Love Willie Kegel Balls – Balls Of Pompomism With Control
Pretty Love’s Willie Pompoarism Balls exercise the vaginal muscles through its innovative silicone design with 12 vibration functions and wireless remote control, and can also be controlled by the button located on the security cord. Vaginal strengthening and her pompoar exercises have never been so pleasurable.

Pretty Love Willie’s advanced and luxurious design features interlocking in one piece 2 pompoar balls and a flexible safety cord. The flexible cord helps penetration and removal of the balls from the vagina and has a rounded tip where one of the vibration controllers, which operates with light pressure of your finger, is located.

Another way to control your Pretty Love Willie is by the wireless remote, which works with only 1 AAA battery and is lightweight, discreet, fits between your fingers and works with the pressure of your thumb.

Medical-grade silicone, non-toxic to the body, velvety and waterproof, ensures safe and pleasant vaginal penetration.

The reloading of the balls is done by a discrete hole located in the ball closest to the flexible cord, where it penetrates the tip of the USB cable.

Pompoarism through daily exercises with pompoar balls tighten the vaginal muscles, reduce urinary incontinence and improve female self-esteem, as well as allowing penetration control to more advanced degrees.

How to Use Pretty Love Willie Kegel Balls Pom Pom Balls
Remove the product from its packaging and recharge for 2 hours. To switch on / off, hold the control button or the cord for 3 seconds. Then press the button again to start the vibrations. To choose between the 12 vibration functions, press the same button for each change. To switch off, hold the button for 3 seconds.

Precaution and Hygiene
– Before starting, remove piercings or imitation jewelry of the place. In case of irritated or injured skin, do not use the product. In case of pain or discomfort, stop using.

– To clean the wireless remote control and balls, use hygienists for erotic toys or wash with antibacterial soap and running water. For dry, use a soft, lint-free cloth or paper towel. Store in a clean, dry place, or use the packaging for storage. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight. Keep the product away from children.


Measures: 20.5 cm of total length, being 9 cm penetrable. 3.4 cm diameter. Approximate measurements.
Material: Silicone non-toxic, phthalate-free.
Power: Rechargeable balls via USB, with cable. The control uses 1 AAA battery.
Weight: Approx. 80 grams.