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Pretty Love Rachel Licking G

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This 12-mode Tip-of-the-Tonge vibrator will make you never forget it. Enjoy the oral satisfaction and taste the sweet pleasures of sensational stimulation. Pick and choose the speed and strength from the three different lick patterns and once you find your perfect rhythm, it will be so pleasurable you’ll be speechless. Luckily for you, the soft, plush silicone is completely waterproof, so dive in and prepare to give yourself a pretty good tongue whack.

A multi-functional vibrator made of high-quality silicone, with a plush feel, 12 vibrations and 3 tongue-shaped stimulators in the vibrator head, with levels of movement that mimic oral stimulation. Also, suitable for spot treatment.

Overall Length 19.9 cm.
Incoming Length 11.5 cm.
Diameter 3.5 cm.