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Silicone rechargeable vibrator that incredibly enhances mouth-watering – Ideal for both sexes – PRETTY LOVE
With this vibrator, oral sex is going up. A vibrator in the mouth that transfers the vibration to the tongue and the oral sex is now incredibly relaxing and yet enjoyable – ideal for both sexes.
Rechargeable Silicone Stylish Sex Shaker from PRETTY LOVE
Give yourself the most breathtaking oral sex of your life. Oral sex is an indisputably indispensable part of our erotic repertoire. Thus, oral love is not a taboo for his man today. Taking this fact into account, we have brought this incredible rechargeable oral sex shaker for you. There are many techniques for a delightful and relaxed oral sex, but the oral sex vibrator will take you literally.
Use application
Place the vibrator (half the part of the vibrator in the mouth and the other half off) See the photo and then activate the vibrator. The vibration now moves from the vibrator to the mouth and the extension to the tongue and then to your partner’s point of contact.
If you have two such vibrators, then the oral will actually get fire. One for each. Think about it … and it will be a shame.

Small and very powerful in vibration
Different vibration levels
Rechargeable vibrator – no batteries needed. It recharges with a USB cable. It is provided free of charge on the packaging.
Charge time – 30 minutes
Duration of use – about 90 minutes
Overall length – 12.5 cm (internal length 5.5 cm, outside length 4 cm)
Construction Material – 100% Medical Silicone

Out of stock