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Male Cobeco Powder Lubricant 225gr

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Create customised viscosity lube for your personal pleasure with Male Cobeco Powder Lubricant. Designed as a ‘just add water’ formula, this 225g pot makes up to 5 litres of water-based lube which is suitable for masturbation, foreplay, sex and anal sex.

An ideal option for people who travel regularly, this small pot is the equivalent of a whopping 5 litres of lubricant, but is much smaller and lighter than an actual 5 litre bottle of lube. Plus, you’ll have no problem getting through airport security with this totally dry product – bonus!

Male Cobeco recommend mixing approximately 1.5 teaspoons of powder with 100ml water to create a long lasting, slick lube for your intimate play. If you like your lube a little thicker, or thinner, try experimenting with the powder: water ratio and adjust accordingly for each play session.

Ingredients: Fructose, Polyethylene Glycol, Carbomer, Tromethamine

Key Features:

  • A powder lubricant for creating customised viscosity lube for masturbation, foreplay, sex and anal sex
  • ‘Just add water’ formula enables user to create preferred viscosity
  • Travel-friendly size and weight makes transporting straightforward
  • 225g makes up to 5 litres of water-based lubricant
  • Washes off easily and doesn’t stain

What Is Cobeco Male Powder Lube?
It’s powder. You mix the Powder with distilled water and get lube that is as thick (lots of powder in the water) or thin (not as much powder) as you want it to be.
The idea, is to give to the consumer the chance to create his own preffered, in thickness, lubricant.
What Is Cobeco Male Powder Lube Made Of?
Fructose– Fructose is sugar from fruit. Sugar isn’t good in the vagina (hence the MALE labeling). I really think it’s here as a thickener, but can’t be sure.
Polyethylene Glycol–  Polyethylene Glycol is a wonder material really. It’s used in many lubes because it gets slick (it binds to water), and also as a dispersant in some products.
Carbomer– Mystery sciencey thing. Seriously. They could have just stamped “stuff” on the label. Carbomer is any of hundreds of different molecules.
Tromethamine– Erm… all I can find is that it’s used as an alkalizing agent and buffer in stuff. I’m thinking it’s as a preservative, but I’m not certain.
Water– Okay… water isn’t actually in the lube as it is shipped, but if you don’t add water you might as well be trying to play while using powdered sugar as lube. Water is necessary, so I’m listing it.

How Do I Use Cobeco Male Powder Lube?
**EDIT TO ADD VERY IMPORTANT NOTE- This lube is primarily fruit sugar. Mixing it with water allows stuff to feed on the sugar and grow. If you mix it, try to use it ASAP. If it’s been in a container for more than 24 hours I would toss it and mix new lube.*** Okay… It’s got some complicated measurement-y instructions, which I understand and will disclose… but seriously, who buys a powdered lube to mix it to the manufacturer’s ideal viscocity? I requested this because I wanted to mix up some super thick, super slick, snot sticky lube. I wanted something I could smear on a toy, or a fist, or a whatever and it stay there until the toy was firmly inserted in any orifice I chose.

Cobeco recommends mixing approximately 1.5 teaspoons of powder with 100ml water, but I’m in America and wanted to have fun not find my beakers and measuring spoons and stuff.

I grabbed a water bottle about a quarter of the way full, the powder, and a piece of paper and set to work. I made a makeshift paper funnel and poured a pile of powder into the bottle and shook it like crazy. This got me a moderately thick lube, but I’ve seen thicker…. so I added the same amount of powder to it again (That’s two “piles” folks. We’re getting sciency!). I shook it like crazy again…. and it got thicker… and thicker… and thicker.

Manufactured by Cobeco Pharma Holland