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Reachargable penis developer. See difference 2-3 cm in only 3 months.


How to use a Penis Enlargement Pump?

Penis enlargers or Penis Pumps in Cyprus.

You can add couple more inches to your device and so you will have and give much more pleasure. Long instrument will make your life more colourful and happy. Ladies talk about it BIG TIME.

………” He has got a huge cock, you should see and try it too“.

Did you know that most men with big penis have had at least 10 unexpected sexual interactions simply because their female friends spread the world around? Did you know that every male porn star have been using the penis pump to increase and “work out his tool”


Do You Want to become big too?

Do you want to increase your staying power and be an even bigger stud in the sack? Then you need a penis pump. Sexshopcy carries several different types of penis pumps, so choose one that suits your needs.

Penis enlargement Pumps  were originally intended to help men with erectile dysfunction, but they have become popular sex toys for men who want larger penises and longer-lasting erections. While your larger size is not permanent, the penis pump can help you temporarily increase the size of your penis, increase your penis’s sensitivity, and give you longer-lasting erections.

Penis pumps, also known as penis enlargement pumps, not only give you more staying power, they increase the size of your penis. Penis enlargement pumps do exactly what they sound like they do – they help to lengthen the penis and give your erection more staying power. Have longer and harder erections with a penis extender pump.

Using a penis pump is very easy. Your penis fits into a tube that is attached by hose to a vacuum pump. The pump sucks air out of the tube, creating pressure on your penis. As the vacuum is created, your penis is pulled further down the tube and your blood flow increases. Blood flow makes your penis large, and the more blood flow, the larger your penis.

One type of penis pump carried by Sexshopcy is the squeeze ball penis enlarger pump. You insert your penis into the tube, and pump the squeeze ball to create the vacuum. One type of penis pump carried by SexShopcy is the hand grip. This penis pump operates much the same way the squeeze ball penis pump works, but instead of a squeeze ball you use a hand grip. If your penis pump comes with a pressure gauge, you may see how much vacuum you are creating, and increase or decrease the pressure as you see fit.

Some penis pumps come with three donuts, or sleeves. These sleeves vary in size, depending on the size of your penis. As your penis grows larger and stronger, you may switch sleeves.

Penis pumps are reasonably priced and made to work. You should use a penis pump three to five times per week. You will notice that each time you use your penis pump, that your erection is larger, firmer, and stronger. Choose the type of hand gauge that you prefer, and you are off to having erections with more staying power!

Penis enlargement pumps are primarily designed to enlarge your penis. Some of our great penis pumps can also be used as male masturbators. SexShopcy can offer you many different shapes and styles of penis pumps: We stock vibrating penis pumps, pistol grip penis pumps, vacuum penis pumps, hand-grip penis pumps and many more. We’ve tested the lot and picked the best penis pumps for you. Whether you buy a cheap penis pump or one of our best penis penis pumps, free batteries are included with all our vibrating penis pumps.

How To Use A Penis Pump.

Above all, don’t rush. Use plenty of water-based lube Aloe-Aqua water based lubricant like our bestsellingall around and in the sealing ring on the opening of the penis pump’s tube. Slather your penis with lube as well. Push your penis into the tube until the end of the tube is flush up against your body. Now start pumping, and do it slowly. DO NO over-pump. You can seriously damage your penis if you over-pump. A penis pump is not a blood pressure cuff – you don’t pump like there’s no tomorrow and increase the pressure to the point that your penis is completely stretched out. Make sure the pressure is pleasant and that no blood vessels look as if they’re about to burst. The last thing you need are burst blood vessels on your penis. We recommend you use Cock Ring when pumping. Wearing a cock ring helps prevent the blood from flowing back out of your penis, which will really make a significant difference when using a penis pump.

Continue slowly pumping until your penis is erect. Check on your penis frequently to make sure it is comfortable and happy. If it is, pump a little more, going slowly all the while. Keep working with the penis pump for about six months if you want to see results. Each pumping session should last for about thirty minutes each. A pumped penis tends to gain more width than length. Women often say that it is the width and not the length that matters for their sexual pleasure, so a penis pump may be able to help you with that. Choose a good penis pump like a  Max Performance ,and you will be on your way;

For faster reasolts, we strongly recomment the use of 2 fantastic herbal products Penis enlargement and Penis enlargement tablets.Combine these two herbal products with penis enlargement pump and the resolts are whey faster and permanent.

Automatic penis developer. The electric pump maintains suction. Insert the penis, stimulate erection, release air with the button. 15 min / day