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Pipedream Nasty Nympho – The Realistic Male masturbation sex toy made out of CyperSkin by Pipedream U.S.A

Fuck that nasty nympho pussy and ass
You’ve always wanted to fuck a Nasty Nympho, so what are you waiting for? Grab the lube, grab your cock, and fuck this silly slut until you explode! This freaky sex fiend will do whatever it takes to get your rock-hard cock deep inside both of her fuckholes.
Bent over in classic doggie-style, this thick, juicy masturbator comes ready and waiting in a very compromising position indeed. The incredibly lifelike, always-willing Nasty Nympho  features two penetration possibilities along with fantastically weighty, slap-able styling.

You won’t believe just how lifelike the Fanta Flesh material making up the Nympho feels, it’s silky and elastic, warming to the touch as you make the most of gorgeously girly contours and both deliciously detailed entrances. Thanks to a versatile, curvy design that lies flat and bends to accommodate your every whim, you can enjoy this masturbator in many different positions; the long, amazingly textured inner canals will fully and completely surround and softy grip just about any penis size, plus, the closed backed end naturally builds suction as you thrust.

You’ll want to use lots of a good water or silicone based lube to keep the Fanta Flesh material at its best, oil based formulas should be avoided. Total length is about 5 inches, with a height of 2.5 inches at highest.

  • Available in Flesh Colour
  • Dimensions: 28cm * 28 cm* 14cm !
  • Recomended to use with waterbased lubricants for easier entance
  • Recommended after use and after cleaning to use a Cyberskin renew powder