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Mystim Tingly Timmy

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Mystim Tingly Timmy E-stim silicone dildo

Tingly Timmy gives you twice the excitement: He has four poles conductive surfaces on the sides of the body with two additional ones on the extra finger that is placed directly on clitoris or perineum, depending on whether you are putting it to vaginal or anal use.

Tingly Timmy is made of 100% medical platinum silicone with an elegant, nickel-free chrome-plated handle. Not only is he wonderfully flexible and absolutely hygienic he also has a velvety soft surface that clings smoothly to your skin.

You need an electro-stimulating device with two channels to activate Tingly Timmy.

Key Features:

  • 100 % medical grade platinum silicone
  • nickle-free chrome plated metal handle
  • 4 poles (quattropolar)
  • Junction 2 mm plug (female)
  • USB rechargeable
  • 24 months warranty

Cleaning & Care:
You can use sex toy cleaner or even soap and water as this product is nonporous.
As with any sex toy, we recommend only using waterbased lubricants to avoid any chemical reactions with the silicone texture.
Remember to switch on your electro handset only after the toy is inserted and in place and turn off before removing.