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Tus Noir is a sensitizing gel designed for the intense pleasure of the couple. This gel helps increase clitoral and/or penile sensitivity for a much more pleasurable joint experience.

Pure certified organic water and glycerin base. Made with certified organic ingredients. In addition, it has damiana extract, a plant with stimulating properties since it facilitates the blood to go to the genital area.
It helps to increase the sensitivity of the clitoris and the sensitivity of the penis.
Improves lubrication
Compatible with Latex condoms.
For a more pleasurable and intense joint experience, apply and massage the gel with your fingers on the clitoris and glans before making love.

60ml packaging.

Ingredients: eau, glycerin, propylene.

Shunga is the world leader in erotic cosmetics, its natural ingredients combined with active ingredients achieve excellent results.

Entering the love world of Shunga is like traveling back in time. Literally translated, Shunga means “spring image”, a subtle way of saying “sexual relations” between people.


Shunga Gel sensitizing Black Lotus. For couples – Increases sensation in the penis and clitoris.

Volume in Ml 60