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Lock Love A. Muti-Rings 40 mm with Urethra


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Lock Love Muti-Rings 40 mm

Ergonomic design, easy to wear, curved split ring, more comfortable than common chastity device. Real stainless steel purity devices, not plated and hypoallergenic, manual polishing more elegant and comfortable, will not hurt your skin. Discreet lock design, no sound of metal clashing with each other, more protection of your privacy. The chastity ring has 3 different ring sizes to suit your size, (40mm, 45mm, 50mm) fits most people.

Product description
The metal chastity cage has an innovative and ergonomic design, which is more discreet and comfortable for daily use.

Material: stainless steel.
Silver color.

3 size options:
Diameter: 40 mm – 45 mm – 50 mm
The chastity cage has 3 different ring sizes to fit your size, fits most people.

Urethra diameter 4.5 cm. It can also be removed

Perfect male chastity device.
Ergonomic design, easy to wear curved ring, more comfortable than common chastity device. Non-metallized and hypoallergenic, manual mirror polishing, more stylish and more comfortable.

Use a mild soap or body soap and clean with a soft towel or brush (toothbrush).

Metal material:
one. Non-toxic: safe for long-term use on the body.
B. Waterproof: can be used in the shower.
Do. Open hole design, breathable and comfortable.


The perfect gift.
The best gift for your partner, perfect adult sex toy.

Kits include:
● 1 cage.
● 1 brass lock with keys.

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