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Durex Perfect Connection Condoms with Extra Lubricant Coating, 10pcs

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Durex Perfect Connection contains 10 condoms with more lubricant than usual to help enhance pleasure during intercourse. They have a high thickness for greater protection.

Discover the new and more lubricated Durex condoms. Its extra lubrication will make your relationships more pleasant, smooth and satisfying. Using Durex condoms prevents unwanted pregnancies, protects against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.


10 condoms.
Straight form.
Standard width 56mm.
Extremely lubricated.
Increased thickness for greater protection.
Made of natural rubber latex.


Use each condom only once.
Do not reuse them.
Once used, dispose of them in the waste bin, under no circumstances flush them down the toilet.

Carefully read the leaflet you will find in the product box.