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Durex Fun Explosion 18


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Durex Fun Explosion Condoms Pack of 18 pieces

In Fun Explosion you will find both colorful, thin and ribbed condoms. The package contains four types of condoms from Durex, which means that you will have a condom for every mood.

Sometimes it gets boring to use the same condom all the time and you want some variation. Or maybe you don’t know what you are looking for and want to find a new favorite? This 18 pack means that it never gets boring and you’ll find a new favorite for sure!

With four different types of condoms, you’ll have a condom for every occasion.


  • 6 x coloured and flavoured (strawberry)
  • 4 x extra wet
  • 4 x ribbed & dotted (Pleasuremax)
  •  4 x for longer pleasure (Performa, contains 5% benzocaine)

Manufacturer: Durex