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Body Gel Oriental Nuru Massage Exotic Fruits

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Oriental Body Slide – Erotic body massage gel.
This oriental body massage is an intensely sensual and pleasurable experience where two bodies move effortlessly over each other in a gliding motion. Once the body gel is poured over the two naked bodies, it creates an intoxicating and aphrodisiac effect. The skin becomes silky smooth and transforms tender caresses into sensual touches.

This kit contains a ready-to-mix solution that creates 1 gallon of soft and warm massage gel and a large waterproof sheet that is subject to unlimited passion.
It is a completely stimulating and intense erotic sensual experience.
The gel, poured entirely on 2 naked bodies, allows the lovers to slide over each other in a sliding motion.

  • Water based
  • Without parabens
  • No fragrance
  • Gluten-free
  • Sugarless
  • Vegetarian
  • Lick
  • Latex friendly
  • Safe with sex toys
  • Wash with water

Step 1: Fold your sheet in half and the thick one on the floor or mattress.
Step 2: Roll the towels lengthwise to form a cylindrical or tube-like shape and mark on the pressed surface following its edges to form a rectangle.
Step 3: Unfold the waterproof gold foil and reclaim the surface by carefully sanding the center and aligned edges to form a basin shape.
Step 4: Pour 3.5 L of hot tap water and bottle #1 into the selected container.
Step 5: Add bottle #2 and mix well. Creates 4 L Massage Gel.
Gently pour the warm Gel Massage on the body of your loved one. Begin the body-to-body massage. Let your imagination be your guide. Let the fun begin! All instructions are illustrated on the front of the package.

  • Large waterproof sheet included.
  • 2 x 250 ml
  • This mix makes 4 liters of gel

INGREDIENTS: – Exotic Bottle/Bouteille #1: Demineralized Water/Eau déminéralisée (Aqua), Acrylates / C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Glycereth-2 cocoate/ Benzoic Acid/ Sodium PCA, Artificial Flavor Vera/Saveural ), sodium saccharin. Colors for/Couleurs pour : EXOTIC FRUITS/ FRUITS EXOTIQUES: FD&C Blue/Bleu #1 (CI 42090). Bottle/Bouteille #2: Deionized Water/Eau (Aqua), Glycerin USP/Glycérine USP, Triethanolamine.