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Secura Original Transparent 12 Condoms

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Secura Original Trasparent in a pack of 12 Condoms. High quality transperant condoms by Secura Kondome Germany
This condom is designed for men who dont wish to be seen wrapped in a condom. This condom will put you in an ABSOLUTE STEALTH MODE.

  • Condoms are covered in silicone-based lubricant and are teat-ended.
  • Nominal Width- 52 mm
  • Product has been electronically tested
  • Product curries all the health approvals ans safety certifications CE

Few words about the brand
Secura Kondome is a registered German Condom brand name of CPR GmbH, who develops and manufactures high quality condoms in Germany. Secura Kondome line consist of the following products, Sex 4 fun, Big Boy, Original, Pocket Rocket, Black Pearl, Nature Feeling, Good Timer and EL TORO. As of this moment, this line of condoms products is available in Cyprus and Greece by
Packaging- 12 condoms
Brand- Secura Kondome / CPR GmbH Germany