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Colt 3 cock ring set

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Three super soft strechable silicone cock rings for harder and prolonged erections like never before.

The Colt 3-Ring pack contains all you need to up your potential for perfect satisfaction- it holds 3 soft, stretchy rubber rings in sizes running from 6.5cm/ 7cm/ 7.5cm  with a perfectly midsized version in between, one for almost every man. Cock rings work by keeping blood in the penis for a firmer, longer lasting erection, effectively drawing out playtime. Looped under the testicles, one of these wide rings also add a supportive feel and help keep sensation under control. Use a good water-based lube in combination with the Rings to keep the pliable, plush rubber material at its best.

Made of thermoplastic rubber, these brilliantly firm cock rings from Colt will keep you hard as nails for as long as you want.

Use as a combination or individually. You can combine ball streching with cock squeeze and cash out with magnificent resaults in bed.