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Smart Chorus pink couples vibrator with remote control and application bluetooth

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Smart-Download the free We-Connect application for touch-sensitive vibration unlocking, long distance interconnection and more. Great sex is a matter of intuition – they move and experiment until we find the right touch to send you. Like music. It is designed to give you the same flow feel. The intuitive, sensitive controls and vibrations give you a number of ways to play, so that each couple can find their own atmosphere. The tighter you press, the stronger the vibration – and vice versa. When you want a little more (or less) stimulation, right there. Beat Music in We-Connect – let the playlist control your vibration rate and volume. The touch feel lets you control the vibrations with your movements. When you touch or move the sensor, the vibration shifts in intensity, creating a natural rise and fall. It can be adjusted to fit your unique body so you can feel the vibrations exactly where you want them. The shape is easy to adjust and then stays in place once the perfect fit is found. The We-Connect app lets you play together, even when you’re apart. Share control over long distances, create your own vibes, and unlock even more exciting features on your phone.

It is a fully waterproof and rechargeable couples game. Charge it easy, put it in its special case and simply plug it in with a USB cable.