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The Compassionate Elvi inflatable love doll

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Envi Inflatable Doll Adult Male Sex Pleasure Toy
Full size, Inflatable doll with the international porn star Elvi. Yes, its true, now you can have Elvi on her favorite position for endless banging. Inflates in 2 minutes and disinflates in seconds. Easy to store and hide away. The compassionate Envi is a life size inflatable PVC love doll with 3 penetrating holes and a newly designed beautiful face. Her deep open mouth gives you a massively enjoyable head job, her fantastic hard nipples are great for sucking on. She has a super soft vagina that will keep you hard and powerful throughout your orgasm and lastly a soft and deep anus to give you an even more satisfying time.
Elvi is a loving, life-size sex doll who features a printed face with 3 sensual love holes to tempt your desires. Elvi is wearing nothing but styled blonde hair, enticing soft pink lipstick and large breasts with erect nipples just for your enjoyment.
Sexual advandages

  • Deep open mouth
  • Fantastic hard nipples
  • Deep soft pussy
  • Deep soft Anus

Ideal for

  • SOLO


  • Material- PVC
  • Bodysafe- 100% safe

Manufacturer- NMC