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Inflatable vibrating Small Dildo for Anal sex preparation

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Inflating Balloon-like Dildo vibrator which is purpose is to help newly initiated anal lovers to prepare the anus for the big moment. Insert the dildo in the anal tube and after inflate it to the point of your personal desire. This process will make anal sex penetration easy as ever. It will definitely relax your anus muscles.
If you want to make it completely painless, the we strongly advise you to use a Anal relaxing lubricant. How? Apply some lubricant around your Anus entry, some in the tube and plenty around the penis-Dildo. This will create a sliding effect and penetration will be completely painless. Once the dildo is in the anus, then inflate and activate the vibration.

Dildo Size:

  • Length- 17 cm
  • Diameter- Ø 3 cm
  • Remote control- Yes, 2 AA Batteries (offered for free for all Cyprus orders)