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Spanish Fly Aphrodisiac Drops 15ml

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Spanish Fly Aphrodisiac Drops for extra sexual stimulation 15ml
Enhance the sexual desire of you or your partner with the addition of the Spanish Fly Sex Drops, designed as a sexual stimulant there is no quibbling about its potent effectiveness that boosts libido.

Place 5 to 7 drops of Spanish Fly Sex Drops under the tongue approximately 30 minutes before sexual activity and it will go quite a long way to delivering sexual arousal during playtime.
Spanish Fly – Spanish fly will give you unforgettable sensations.
When you take the love potion she crave to kiss you and love like never before.
What is realy a Spanish fly?
“Spanish fly” is made of active ingredients such as amino acid L-arginine. Irritates the genitals resulting increased blood flow. One of oldest aphrodisiacs. The wife of Augustus Cesar, slipped it into food for her quests. Hoping to inspire them into some indiscretion… In the 18th century, it became even fashionable.
How to apply the Spanish Fly drops?
1 ml (about 5-7 drops) under the tongue, about 30 minutes before sex. Or directly into the coffee, wine etc.
The Spanish Fly Sex Drops comes in a handy 15 ml bottle.
Manufacturer- Cobeco Pharma Bv Holland