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Realistic dildo with balls 24.1 cm

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The Premium Silicone Dildo is a realistic dildo with a Dual Density Shaft. This means it has a firm inner core that is filled with patented Silexpan material, and a soft, lifelike silicone outside. This adds to the experience when using this toy: penetration will feel like it’s the real thing! The glans and veins also contribute to this experience. The dildo has a suction cup base, so that it will stick firmly to any smooth surface, very convenient during solo play. Another great feature of the Premium Silicone Dildo is that is has Thermo Reactive properties: it gets harder when cooled and softer when warmed. An advanced dildo for advanced sexual pleasure!

  • Realistic silicone dildo with dual density shaft
  • Firm inner core filled with patented Silexpan material for an extremely realistic feel and incomparable pleasure experience
  • Silexpan ensures a better density and higher flexibility
  • Soft life like outside
  • Strong suction cup base
  • Dimensions: diameter 4 cm, length 24,1 cm