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Παχύρευστο Πρωκτικό λιπαντικό Cobeco

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Heavy duty Anal lubricant exclusively produced for serious anal players
Thick, butter-like, long lasting Anal lubricant for deep anal penetrations you have never expirience before. Ideal for anal fisting too!
For unrivaled anal lubrication, use Butter Lubricant from Male Cobeco. As the name suggests, this oil-based lube is thick, smooth and, well, a lot like butter! Its ultra-thick formula makes it perfect for long-lasting lubrication, even in the shower.
Why Cobeco calls this lubricant “Butter”?
The name “butter” says it all; this “butter” lubricant has the structure, thickness and smoothness as you may expect from a real “butter”. Male Butter Lubricant lubricates easy and gives long lasting lubrication where it is needed.

Although not compatible with all toys, this lube is great for advanced anal explorers who like to play with larger toys. Super-thick with a Petroleum-based formula, it spreads easily and lasts for ages, giving you the opportunity to tackle large gauge toys with ease!

Ingredients: Petrolatum, Octyldodecanol CE Aprooved and certified

Key Features

  • An oil-based anal lubricant for long-lasting lubrication during anal play
  • Perfect for advanced anal explorers who like large toys
  • Ultra-thick ‘buttery’ formula for unrivaled lubrication
  • Travel-friendly size makes transporting easy
  • Long-lasting, even in the shower

Essential info

  • Condom safe: No
  • Veggie suitable: Yes
  • Contains aspartame: No
  • Contains glycerine: No
  • Contains paraben: No

How it feels

  • Lubricant type: Oil based
  • Lubricant function: Anal sex

Manufacturer- Cobeco Pharma Rotterdam Holland