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Fisting Gel with numbing effect 200ml

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Fisting Gel with numbing effect 200ml Bottle – the ultimate fisting lubrication from Germany.
Fisting gel that makes it possible for the fist to slide in easily and optimal stretching of the anus and vagina is also possible. The gel has a slight numbing effect with long-lasting lubricating properties.
How to use/ How to apply
Place this medical gel onto and around the Anus. Leave for 7 to 10 minutes till user feels the numbing effect.

  • Its mainly 93% Water-based and it contains some 7% silicone.
  • Free from Oil, grease and perfume.
  • 100% Odouress, isn´t sticky and doesn´t drip.
  • Safe to use with latex condoms.
  • Safe to use with latex fisting gloves.
  • Safe to use with Sex Toys.
  • Dispencer pump for extra accurancy – you poor as much as you need
  • Bottle 200 ml

Made in Germany by Eros Megasol