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Rabbit Vibrating Cock Ring Clear

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Rabbit Vibrating Cock Ring Clear by You2Toys
Best ever value for money vibrating Cock Ring for real Lovers to please and be pleased. Before i begin to describe this magnificent Rabbit shaped vibrating rubber cock ring, i would like to mention one very important general rule that applies on all cock rings. The real purpose of the cock ring is to help men.

  •     Stop premature ejaculation. All cock rings, stop the blood circulation to the point of slowing down, naturally, the process of ejaculation.
  •     While the cock ring is fitted on the “root «or “base” of the penis it delivers thousands of micro vibes to the G spot , P spot (Prostate if anal sex) and to the barer himself. Thousands of micro vibes are delivered to all directions and erotic stimulation for both partners is a fact. Pleasure to the extreme for both.
  •     Give to your strap on the power of vibration. This super stretchy cock ring will fit on the dildo of your strap on and can deliver thousands of micro vibes into your partner’s intimate areas.
  •     Think that all vibrations go through the penis of the wearer and from there, ends up, either in the vaginas G spot or in the ass.


  •     For all real men who wish to please the vagina or anus.
  •     For all ladies who love to use strap ons and love to add some vibration to the extension of the Dildo.

Products characteristics

  •     The products is separated in three pieces
  •     The silicone Cock ring Rabbit shape
  •     Vibrating bullet with On/Off button
  •     Two sets of cell batteries which are offered for free.
  •     Fitting- The cock ring fits any size and all sizes. It is made out of soft silicone rubber therefore it expands to accommodate all penis sizes. Even the most demanding ones. It fits easy and fast.
  •     Diameter- 3cm
  •     Vibration- One touch vibration and it takes 4 cell batteries.
  •     Tickler- It is a nubby tickler sleeve too. Just make sure that tickling spots face the clitoris during sexual intercourse.
  •     Material- Super soft rubber/ TPE/ CE APROVED AND CERTIFIED
  •     Color- CLear

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