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LELO Ina 2 δονητής Purple

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The Swedish company LELO, manufactures the most superior design models of vibrators in the world. Its designs have won dozens of world awards both in terms of ergonomic design, mechanism quality and finally in construction materials.
The appearance of the LELO INA 2 alone shows the attention that LELO’s design and development department gave to the design of the Swedish company’s new type of bunny. The INA 2 is perhaps the best bunny style vibrator in the world today.

The LELO INA 2 is designed in such a way as to stimulate the clitoris and vaginal G-spot at the same time. The shorter stem of the vibrator touches the clitoral area, while the longer stem penetrates the vagina – and due to its slope it touches completely controlling the area of ​​the G point. Each strain has its own separate vibration mechanism, as a result of which the ideal transmission of the vibration to the specific points of the body is achieved.

The main part of the INA 2, the one that enters the vagina and touches the clitoris, is made of high quality medical silicone. This is the best material used in the sex industry today and is incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch. The INA has 8 different vibration programs, which are selected from the ergonomically positioned and easy-to-use control.

INA 2 is truly silent in operation. A 2-hour charge ensures 4 hours of continuous operation – in standby mode (charged but not in use) it can wait for up to 90 days. The keys of the INA can be locked so that the user can take it on their travels without … “stress”. The entire INA is made from hypoallergenic (FDA approved) materials, and comes in a gorgeous box with a charger and silk storage case.

INA is aimed at those who want to simply own the best. The Swedish company LELO is the largest manufacturer of luxury sex aids in the world and its models are unrivaled in terms of design, build quality and performance.

Product specifications

Construction material 100% Medical Silicone
Length 20 cm.
Handy length 8.5 cm
Weight 130 grams.
Energy vibration Rechargeable
Maximum Diameter 3.3 cm
Rechargeable Vibrator The vibrator has a rechargeable battery as well as a recharging device. This is a point that characterizes luxury vibrators. Buying a LELO vibrator you no longer need to buy batteries. No more batteries for a cleaner environment.
Battery Charging Time 2 hours at 5.0V 500mA
Vibrator usage time 4 hours of endless erotic pleasures.
Vibration 8 levels of vibration that can reach up to 22,000 micro vibrations per minute. The choice of volume is up to you.
Discreet looking vibrator It doesn’t look like a vibrator and you can comfortably carry it on trips abroad.
Massager Yes, you can use it as a head massager or even on any part of your body.
Use Vaginal vibrator. For couples looking for the ultimate independent cost vibrator.