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Tri Cock Cage Ring for harder and prolong erections


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Triple the pleasure with the tri-ring cock cage, a ring cage that slips around the penis shaft and scrotum to present the balls forward and firm up the erection while applying pressure for that fully erect and bursting feeling.

The Tri 3 Ring cock cage is constructed from hardwearing material and is black in colour, lengthens and increases erection, and helps prevent premature ejaculation so you and your partner can get total fulfilment during your sex play.

How about “tri-ing” the Tri 3 Ring?
This item is quite tricky to get on. You need to put the biggest and the smallest ring together, slide it down to the base of the penis with the third ring underneath. Once at the base the big ring then need to be pulled over the testicles so that it is behind them and them the testicles will fit into the third ring. It’s best to use a little bit of lube and when the penis is flaccid not erect.

Product characteristics

  • Dimensions- One size fits most
  • Colour- Black
  • Material- Comfortable and flexible Latex -rubber material
  • Use with any good quality water-based lubricant
  • Multi-faceted penis ring for male sexual pleasure
  • 3 penis rings fit around the scrotum, shaft and base of the penis
  • It can help to prevent premature ejaculation
  • Helps maintain a stronger erection

Manufacturer- Seven Creations

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