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Steel Cock Ring with Lock Extra Large


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  • A unique tool for some seriously playful cock confinement, this lock-and-key, hinged cock ring is another fantastic pleasure tool from Pipedream’s Metal Worx collection. This ring is ideal for more advanced users, it’s very firm and unyielding, holding tight to create an excitingly confined sensation, and keeping your penis of choice hard and ready. Meant to be worn around both the base of the penis and under the testicles, the thick, shiny steel band closes securely with a hinge, and locks with a key, perfect for control freaks. A great feature of this ring is the versatility- most rings require the penis to be natural-state (non-erect) for removal, but this one can be taken off at any point during use since it opens wide for release when unlocked. Some helpful reviews have noted that the Metal Worx Cock Ring can be used with a leash, if desired- it can be attached to the handle of the lock. If you’re a fan of temperature play, this is definitely the toy for you, steel is very sensitive to temperature, aside from naturally warming with body heat, and retaining that heat for long periods of time, you’ll also be able to cool it dramatically, just pop it in the fridge or freezer before using, or place in warm or cool water.  The nonporous surface cleans easily and can be completely sterilized if need be, soap and water or a good toy cleaner works just fine for everyday cleaning, but you’ll also be able to run your Metal Worx through the dishwasher, wipe down with a bleach solution, or place in boiling water. There’s very little maintenance required with a steel toy, care should be taken not to scratch it with abrasive surfaces or cleaners, but that’s about all you’ll need to worry about. In terms of lubricants, anything goes with steel, you’ll be able to use your favorite oil, water or silicone based formulas, and as a bonus, you’ll find that a little lube goes a very long way. Your Cock Ring will come to you  in a sturdy, travel friendly foam-lined storage case, which helps protect your toy and keep it clean until the next use.
    The Extra Large size is 5.7cm in diameter.
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